Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sometimes VPs are Jerkfaces

So yesterday one of the VPs came to me to ask about a sheet of paper (yes one sheet) in a stack of 10 contracts...I didn't know where it was (but knew it was in my e-mail)...I told him I would have to check because I had been on vacation for the past week...He replied that "the world doesn't revolve around me" and that just because "I'm not here it doesn't mean the world stops" I just stared at him because honestly, for all intents and purposes the world does stop...for me anyway...I'm not working from home on vacation...so he clearly knew that what he said was douche-y and today is only speaking to me via e-mail even though he is in the office...

p.s. here's my desk

p.p.s. Going on a blind date on Thursday....that should be a MUCH more entertaining post...I hope

xoxo K


  1. What a jerk! punch him in the face next time you see him!!! Ahhhh!
    In the mean time, I suggest you put a giant post-it not somewhere around your desk that says "If you plan on being a giant a-hole, I don't have time to talk to you!"

  2. P.S. -blind date sounds fun.. don't get murdered though, pls!