Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blind Date #2...slightly more promising

SO while Neda writes about melting hearts and love, I am writing about the new blind was mildly disconcerting for me because I was really really nervous about meeting I have no idea why I am such a spaz but I am...although as soon as I sat down he was looking at me from across the bar smiling...

Guy : David
Location: Buffalo, NY

Kids: 0
Status: Single
Employment: Assistant District Attorney
Height: Taller than me (plus)
Eyes:  dark brown, glasses
Hair: brown/black (some slight balding but I'm short enough not to see it most of the time)
Build:  Average
 Potential for date #2: I think good, but the end of the night was a little who knows for sure

Highlights: Well we love a lot of the same things: Vertigo; classic Twilight Zone; Mexican Food; helping the community. We both come from similar families (his mom is one of 7, mine is one of 8, both Catholic)...we talked about traveling it's not something he does regularly but he's interested in going different places...when I said I liked Mexican food, he said that meant we would get along well...kind of nerdy but kind of cute...plays best friends with my boss' son...the boss that I want to become my father...lives on the same street as my cousins...doesn't seem like he's a killer or that I'd end up putting lotion in the basket...he seems normal as far as I can see...I asked about his new years resolutions and he said he set goals for himself last year that he's still working on, he bought a house, is trying to be more "social" which I of course took to me he's trying to actively date (which aren't we all?) and he said he had a few others (I'm assuming wife, children, etc) but he didn't want to bore me with them (he didn't want to sound like a crazy person which I can appreciate)...he also knew John Kordupel which was really random...he asked if I thought of buying a home...I said I was on the fence...he laughed (he bought a house in June)...we talked about his family he has a older brother;
Lowlights: He laughs really a nerdy semi-endearing way so maybe that's not a lowlight but the first time I heard it I was thrown off...then there was the end of the night...he seemed anxious all of a sudden and tried to take off, I said I had a really great time and he was like yea me too and I'll be in touch....I can't tell if that's a blow off or no hug/kiss/high five anything...not sure what to make of it yet

I guess either way at least this is proof that I can have a semi-normal date

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  1. :) YAY! ummm... and I'm so glad there was no high-five at the end of the date.. that'd just be random and odd! I <3 you!
    Sorry for boring you with my melting heart :P