Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why can't my relationships with straight men be as successful as my relationships with gay men?

Yesterday Derek sent out an SOS text, his roommate Mike was moving out and it is SUPER awkward...they had a falling out and well it never completely mended and led to them going their separate ways....he needed friends to keep him busy and out of the house for the day....I gladly volunteered...I love hanging out with my boys

So started the evening gossiping at Spot with Derek...saw this hot gay Joe...I wish he were straight pretty badly....there's something about him that's really attractive...could be his cockiness...could be his general physique...Joey K and Eric showed up, followed up by we headed out on the town

Went to Shanghai for some sushi and crab rangoon...can't help myself I know it's fake crab but I love it...had some interesting conversations about popular sex toys for gays and poop...Ryan is a nurse and dealt with a rather horrendous experience in ICU today...and yes this was all while some point I thought Diet Pepsi was going to shoot out of my nose...

Went to Ryan's afterward...his mom is in town because his brother is getting married and she's helping his fiance dress shop....she is the most hysterical woman ever...she pokes fun at her own Long Island accent...loves that her son is gay (she wore a shirt that said Proud Maker of the next Pride generation--super cute!)...told us corny jokes and a story about a really awkward Kathie Lee Gifford moment...after a few drinks with her we headed out to Q...his mom hugged us all goodbye

I had never been there before and I think it clearly showed as I continued to swivel my head around taking in the people and scenery...I had never seen so many horned up gay men gays never really date anyone...not seriously anyway...and if they are together they keep the PDA to a minimum...these men acted as though they had just gotten out of prison...there was a lot of guy on guy action...and then my guys all hugging drinks and sticking close to me...I had dressed for casual Friday at work in a polo jeans and work boots, acceptable in construction...but can be confused for lesbian in a gay they were keeping an eye on me, although there were only about 2 women in the bar (one of them questionable) so I wasn't really worried. 

After some fun times of dancing to Mariah Carey and watching Eric get really uncomfortable because of a few come-ons from weird old men, we headed out...the boys went down to Cathode and I was going back to my bed which was calling me, very loudly...on the way back got hit on by a bouncer at a another bar...for any of the male readers we might have....hey girl you look not going to make any self respecting girl come running...and got accosted by a drunk gay man who was asking for cookies....

All in all, had a fantastic time, my boys tell me how pretty and wonderful I am....why can't this happen with straight men?

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