Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If this makes me twelve, maybe I will never age

So ok…maybe the update was kind of about a boy…aren’t they always? People act like only 12 year olds update their statuses with thinly veiled “cryptic” messages…I don’t think it’s a sign of immaturity I think that people treat outlets like facebook, twitter, or gchat as just that: an outlet. I know that for me, writing has always been easier than talking…I loathe the phone, I would prefer to write, text, e-mail, write a poem, copy a song lyric, anything that keeps me away from using my phone as 1985 would dictate. Don’t get me wrong, I love face-to-face communication as well…I’m a physical comedian…face-to-face is what I do best….I just really hate the phone

I have to run to the gym so I will have to update you on why the status was boy-related later….

xoxo K

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