Friday, January 7, 2011

Just because I'm a nerd and live in Cleveland...

So I'm super excited for the weekend, for no other reason than to sleep in, put in some overtime and go to the bookstore and walk around campus with Nick, while we try to get him ready to start school. I am also excited about our possible cooking date... I asked him to make me zucchini lasagna yesterday, and he was intimidated by the recipe I sent him (it is all from scratch), so he refused to make it, and said we can turn it into a date! On a different note... we got about 8" of snow over night, and Nick got out of bed this morning to clean off the car for me :) while Wrinkles and I stood around. Either way, my feet are really cold and completely soaked right now, so hopefully I will go get me some appropriate snow gear this weekend :P

Time to get to work now... *sigh

P.S. The bf forced me to watch Cinderella Man ... and I am so glad he did.. it was a great movie!

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