Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I’m in a weird position…I have been in my position about 8 months…but my predecessor is still here…which is uber handy for questions, training, etc because I am the only one in the company that does what I do…however it is super annoying when people consistently defer to her instead of me…or when I give a directive they look to her to make sure I should be saying what I’m saying…that’s the part that’s bullshit. It might be my fault for using her as a mini-crutch for a bit, I’ll admit it was easier to defer to her for somethings or make her the bad guy in some situations but I’ve really been working on finding my own way and making my own mark…maybe it will be easier once she’s gone…only a few more weeks but it really flared up today because I have been sending e-mails and making meetings and making plans and talking to contractors to fix our workforce numbers because it’s become an issue the mayor has noticed. I cc’d one of our VPs on a few things and sent him a direct e-mail…he doesn’t respond, doesn’t look at me, talk to me nothing---instead he goes to my predecessor and wants to talk to her when I’m in the cube across from her…like seriously what the fuck? Like you couldn’t check with me? I’m the author of things and I wanted some real direction…complete. Utter. Bullshit /rant

In other news…I have another blind date tonight…I agreed to do it for a month because I thought my dating skills were sliding off and honestly who doesn’t like a free dinner?…but now I’m just concerned because well in general this entire thing has been a dud…like why are people such creepers? I have been solicited to be friends with benefits, asked to be someone’s wife, and just in randomly awkward social situations…I doubt that non-online dating is much different…I’m just saying...I think this is my last one...let's say second to last cause well the month isn't over yet...

But anyway…so tonight…Adam…he’s in finance…we’ll see what happens, although I’m not too optimistic…okay that’s a lie I am hopeful but history doesn’t predict anything warm and fuzzy…maybe I’ll be wrong and he’ll be great and become my husband…I’ll update tomorrow….provided I’m not putting the lotion in the basket

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  1. Oh boy.. work troubles suck! I can relate to being overlooked although you were the originator, however my issues are probably more gender related.. I'm sorry people are assholes, and completely appreciate your rant. Just seeing you updated made me smile, and your rant, as shitty as the situation sounds like, reminded me of why we're friends to begin with :-P
    As for the date, I hope it goes better than expected and I can't wait to read about it!