Monday, January 24, 2011

The Dilemma

So I should give you a general update…Thursday was a scotch tasting (note to self: I don’t like scotch) but that day I also had a phone convo with Adam while I was waiting for Trisha…it was weird like I think he didn’t know what to say (we’ve been dating for like a week, talk about anything)…he just bought a new bed, but that was like the extent of convo on his side…it made me feel like he had people in the room and didn’t want to say too much, but he called me first…I don’t get it..and we set loose guidelines for the date on Saturday and he didn’t confirm on Friday/Saturday…I’m assuming the weird phone call made him not want to call again but WTF…seriously

So date number 2 with Adam was pretty successful…he picked me up and opened the car door (love stuff like that) and we headed over to the Galleria…he wanted to go to Hyde Park but considering I don’t eat steak or seafood that seemed silly…we opted for Cheesecake Factory instead…he dropped me off at the door and went to park…it was a two hour wait…that’s a negative for me…cheesecake is delicious but I shouldn’t almost die of starvation waiting for it…so we went across the street to Bar Louie…it have TVs…those of you who know me know this is an issue…I had ADD (self-diagnosed)…I can’t help it…I fought it off for the most part but there were a couple of times that I got caught watching the basketball game instead of paying attention to what he was saying…I did have two really delicious strawberry vodka/champagne types of drinks…they were wonderful…dinner conversation was good…he brought up the aforementioned awkward phone call…he didn’t really explain it but said that he was sorry he was awkward…meh whatevs…I hate the phone anyway

So afterward we went to the movies…he of course paid again (seriously a girl could get used to this)…saw the Dilemma…does Vince Vaughn ever play anyone but himself? I can’t be sure but every character is the same which leads me to believe they are all real-life him…even still the movie was good, I could see that Adam was attempting to hold me hand…so I made sure my hand just rested on my leg and after a few failed attempts he finally swooped in to close the deal…the good part…he also knew when to stop holding my hand…I mean seriously you can only do it for so long until you feel like your hand is on fire…or sweaty…sweaty is much worse…so he switched to the full arm around the shoulder deal…I definitely didn’t hate it

You can tell I’m very anti-PDA because in the dark I’m all for being touchy-feely because I think it’s personal and I don’t like drawing attention to myself…I say this because once we were back out in the mall Adam grabbed my hand and I went along with it but simultaneously was looking for an out…it’s not like I don’t like him I just am not a fan of PDA, no matter how small. So he went out to get the car and picked me up at the door (still really love this)…and we headed back to my house.

Once we were in my driveway he gave me a look that said he was going to kiss me and well I was happy about it…so we made out for a bit…he hinted that he would like to come up, I told him my mom was sick so that was a no-go and we continued to hard core make out in the car for a bit…somehow and I don’t know when this happened but he totally gave me a hickey…much to my horror…and a giant one at that!! Like seriously who does that? I think it might have been because I joked about keeping options open and he was clearly marking territory…it’s the kind that cover-up doesn’t cover…

I'm not sure he realized he did it...I noticed as soon as I walked in the house so I took a photo and messaged it to him with WTF on it....he apologized....but the words of my homegirl BP "Who over the age of 19 gives hickeys?"....clearly that I am wearing scarves at work all week.

The most hysterical part….the next morning I’m semi-horrified to show my mother so I avoid it…she sees it and says OMG when did you burn yourself (completely serious…she clearly doesn’t believe her daughter would semi-hook-up in the backseat of a car…and I proceed to say “Oh it was the flat iron last night, didn’t you see it already?”

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