Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I hate when I get like this...truth is I am uber-lame

So....I'm already talking to a new guy, his name is's been about a week and of course in typical me fashion I am smitten...


Name: James
Age: 35
Children: yes, one, with the ex
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
General: Super Hot! Like unbelievably so...I keep thinking I'm going to be punked
Hometown: Florence, Italy

We e-mail pretty frequently (yes I realize in a week, who can really say frequently?) but ok like almost every day...I sent him an e-mail 2 days ago and he hasn't e-mailed yet...and it's killing me...I have no idea's like every action and non-action has an effect on me...I hate when I'm like this...but I love the stories he tells about his life (and he tells me how amazing I am--who doesn't love that?)

And yes, this is who my facebook status was about....again because I am lame

1 comment:

  1. Not lame at all! I completely understand and can totally relate.. ok, the today me probably can't relate.. but the completely confused and smitten me from 2 years ago can.. and that Neda is still alive somewhere in my heart and mind :-P
    I will be waiting for an update on this, almost as impatiently as you are :-P