Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day Of School For The Mister

So nerves are building up at the house, as Nick's getting ready for his first day of school in about 10 years. I am so excited and anxious for him to start and hopefully not be nearly as terrified as he imagines he will be.
In other news, interview yesterday went really well, the guy we interviewed was very prepared and impressive; however, my boss seems to think it may be better to hire someone 'cheaper'... what the hell has the world come to?! Since when is being qualified, prepared and educated a bad thing?! Oh well... I will keep you posted on the other 2 interviewees coming in tomorrow and Friday.. But looking at their resumes.. besides ridiculously high GPA's.. they don't seem to have much to offer, I guess we shall see!


  1. I googled Nick's school, and it came up, I am not sure if it's that building is real or just a plan for future improvements :P