Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blind Date #1

Borrowing the basic template from A Girl's Gotta Eat    which everyone should read because Shannon is's my first semi-blind date...

Guy : Abraham
Location: Etobicoke, Ontario (but willing to travel for the right lady)
Kids: 0
Status: Single
Employment: An entreprenuer (aka unemployed) 
Height: Taller than me (plus)
Eyes:  dark brown, 
Hair: Black (braids) <--minus not a fan of braids
Build:  Average
 Potential for date #2: ummmmm slim to none...unless I am bored/desperate 

Highlights:  None
Lowlights: He kept saying he couldn't wait to be a "hubby"; he didn't believe in having friends (he actually told me I shouldn't have friends because you can't trust them, especially guy friends) or family (he's far from his family and doesn't care), just building his new life with his wife (could it be me?) ---I should add he came from Africa so maybe the foreign aspect has something to do with this...I'm not sure but ti gave me the creeps because I couldn't help but think I could someday either live in the middle of nowhere so we only had each other or would be "putting the lotion in the basket" while I lived in a well. He also kept mentioning that he needed a woman who respected religion...I'm not entirely sure what that means...I explained that I'm spiritual but not exactly religious and I think that was an issue...but he said that as long as my intentions and motives were clear religion wouldn't be an issue... The weirdest (or I guess one of the more weird) comment he made was when he said that life without a spouse is pointless (you're 25 dude!!) and that he isn't really living unless he is with someone....this lead me to believe he is a level 5 clinger and I would again probably end up in the aforementioned well...I love my friends, they are like my family...I love my own who thinks they're nothing without a relationship? Like honestly, if that was the case I haven't been living the past few years....seriously? Like I can picture that becoming a needy relationship which I can't deal with, I need someone who understands that I have a life, I work, I hang out with my friends, I like to travel (sometimes by myself)...I hang out with boys that I have no intention of dating, I just like nerdy boy humor and happy obviously this one is a negative...let's see what happens tomorrow

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