Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I miss you!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say, I miss you and that there isn't much to talk about. We're getting hit with pretty bad snow right now... driving to work was horrendous this morning, I am surprised I survived!
Nick made us dinner last night, and I felt spoiled.. so I spoiled him with dessert. Hmmm.. yeah, how boring are we?!


  1. I miss you too! I hate that we all had to graduate from school because in my opinion things have only gotten exponentially worse...the real world is definitely overrated...come back for another degree!! :)

  2. oh wife, how I wish I could go back to school. :-( but life just won't sit around and hold on while I try to figure out who I am and where I wanna go from here, and therefore, I gotta try to keep up with it.. as boring aNd lame as it may be.. my time to work more than play has come :-(
    However, if things slow down and school becomes an option I will be sure to try to find you and go to school wherever you are! :-)