Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boy update 1

So Neda left me a message on gchat to get my life in gear and get back to blogging...to be honest I can't remember the last time I did...I should probably work on this...the issue is I haven't had time...I've either been working, out and about or sleeping...sometimes I update at work but I really try not to

So what has happened since the last time you ask?

Well for one Adam has become a big ball of awkward...it's weird it's like his insecurities all bubbled to the surface after our weekend in Toronto..maybe I brought them on, I'm not sure although I am pretty sure I am at least part to blame...we talked and I told him I needed some space and some time to think...he took that as everything was a mistake and I want to break up with him and all this craziness...we haven't seen each other since the Toronto trip...I've been crazy busy with work and the weather has been pretty awful...but he hasn't called and barely messages and he seems generally uninterested so I in turn am double uninterested because well that's what I do...but what's worse is that I don't really miss him at all which makes me feel bad because he is a really nice guy and he really means well...but he is constantly asking if it's okay, if he's okay, why do I like him, why did I choose him...which at first I thought was one of those "wow I'm so lucky how did she pick me" kind of deals...and now I have come to realize that it's a "I need constant reassuring that you still like me" I really can't handle that, maybe it sounds bitchy but come on dude, be a DUDE! Like I'm spending time with you, I talk to you on the phone, I keep going on dates with you...do you think I'm here for my health...I think I may have worked too hard at my life to fall into this kind of relationship trap...so I am getting out while I can...he sent me a message today that says he doesn't think I really like him anymore and I have only been waiting for the right time to break up with him (we talked on Saturday about going out tomorrow...pretty sure nowhere in there did I say I'm waiting for the end, however oddly enough now I am)

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