Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I did it...

I broke up with Adam...it was surprisingly difficult...I actually cried and that wasn't something I expected to do

He told me I was sabotaging myself because I didn't believe I was good enough to have a nice guy....there may be some truth to that...I thought I was really ready to settle down and really find someone...maybe I made excuses as to why he wasn't good enough...I can't be sure...maybe he wasn't the one for me but I'm now trying to convince myself because he made a really good case...I want someone who wants to roam free the same way that I do...he told me that hanging out with my friends so much lately is what made me second guess this...is it? Maybe, but I love my friends and whomever I end up dating has to be able to mesh with them...and I just couldn't see it happening, would he stay out late, act dumb, have game night, travel around and stay piled up in hotel rooms...he told me if I figure things out to give him a call because he wants to see me but he won't force it...

I told him maybe he'll find a nice girl on match...he said he thought he did

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