Friday, February 11, 2011

What to Do This Weekend?

So as I said last week, I need some excitement in my life. This has become a very big issue for me, because I don't have anything to do, and the days just seem to go by, as I sit on the sidelines and watch my youth slip away. At the beginning of this year I promised myself I would try to enjoy whatever is left of my 'careless' years as much as possible, but so far (a month and a half (ummm... that's over 10%) into 2011, I have changed nothing and done nothing worth blogging or writing home about!!! I am upset about this, so I am determined to change it. Whether or not that change comes this weekend - we will see... I need some ideas about what I can do on a weekend when we expect snow and temperatures below 30!
The boyfriend has been upsetting me - he is super behind on his homework, and has been staying up late at night playing video games, so as of right now, I do not plan to include him in my plans for the weekend. It is just me and the pup! what should we do?!

I miss my friends, will someone please move to Cleveland, or to like Akron, or even Erie or Pittsburgh?! pls!

P.S. I am still feeling very blah, and I am hating the fact that I don't even have the BF to hang with, because sporting events on TV and video games are apparently more important to him than spending time with me and our dog. :S *shrugs shoulders - sigh!

P.P.S. Just found out Nick got the job at Office Max, he starts tomorrow. Although I am super glad he got the job, I am also very very irritated, as that means that he will spend even less time trying to catch up on his homework, and even less time with me. Ahhh! Why is time never enough, why does it feel like I am last on his list of priorities, when I am the reason he is in school in the first place?!

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