Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Update

I have nothing new, exciting, or interesting to say. Just another day in the office.. compiling analysis results into excel sheets and creating tables of results which need to go into my calc.

Ummm.. Wrinkles and I have puppy class tonight (maybe - we haven't been to puppy class in like 3 weeks due to bad weather, me getting sick, and bad weather again last week). I am hoping it will be fun. I think I am taking the Wrink to puppy daycare on Thursday, poor thing has cabin fever.

In other news.. My office at work has been invaded by an army of tiny little ants! I HATE ants! I hate them so much, that I can't concentrate on anything because I am constantly scratching myself, imagining them biting me and crawling all over me... and I am trying to kill them all, but they seem to come out of no where. :( boooo!!! I hate ants!

Well .. I leave you all with a picture of my two 'kids' laying around. As you can tell - Nick won't let me take a picture of him.. We are coming up to our 2 year anniversary and we don't have a single picture together. I have a total of like 3 actual pictures of him, and 2 of them are pictures his dad gave me, when I first went over to his parents' house. :(

P.S. I made that pressure cooker recipe on Friday - and it was delicious!!!! I don't remember it being that good - but I guess my tastes have changed since the last time I had it. The pork was so tender, it dissolved in my mouth!!! And Nick, who HATES cooked cabbage of any sort, actually had a whole lot of it!!!! He mostly ate the pork, but he also had a little serving of the cabbage and liked it! :)

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