Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Made My Own Blog

I have a personal blog now! :) It is going to be a reflection of the mess that I am. I will attempt to update it regularly, and for now I think I am going to concentrate mostly on the things I cook. I have a really hard time trying to keep my recipes organized, so maybe this will help, and maybe you guys will find some of my 'creations' delicious.

Ummm. I miss having friends, so hopefully this new blog will attract some random person in cleveland that I will automatically hit it off with. LOL. Wishful thinking.... I know!

Kim, I hope you are feeling better, and I can't wait to hear all about this DC trip?! How come I know nothing about that???



  1. Personal as in just for you? If not, send me the link!! I hope you're feeling a little more at home in Ohio now. Moving to a new place can really suck sometimes. Have you tried It's a pretty good way of meeting people and doing fun stuff.