Friday, February 4, 2011

Need Some Excitement In My Life

So, it's finally Friday.... I can't wait for the weekend! However, my weekend won't consist of anything fun.. because I have nothing planned. I am hoping Nick and I can finally go see a movie (we have been trying to go the past two weekends... but he has been busy with school and him and I were both sick... so we haven't gone yet). Anyway... what movie should we go see, if we happen to work that into our weekend schedule? What else can two people w/ no friends do on a very cold weekend, in effin' Ohio?! I am soooooo longing for some social time w/ friends... I miss having friends to hang out with, and to do absolutely nothing exciting with.. yet still have fun!
Ummm... will somebody please move to Cleveland... or at least come visit.. and make me some friends?! :(

The last couple of days have been really blah... I have been feeling pretty home sick.. I have been down and out for no apparent reason, and I hate it! There really isn't anything in particular bothering me... but I'm still all sad and emotional and irritated... I really really hate it when I get like this! What the hell can I do to feel better, when there is nothing really wrong, yet I feel like a piece of poop??

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